Written update of Choti Sardarni, January 3: Harleen asks Mehr to abort his unborn child or leave the country

The episode of Choti Sardarni It starts with Sarabjeet and Mehr sharing feelings for each other and how he was afraid of losing his life. Mehr gets a glass of milk for Harleen, but she hands him the outdoor tickets and asks him to leave the country. She gives him another option. She offers her gynecologist's number and asks her to abort her son. Mehr is surprised and says that, according to Harleen's condition, he still has two hours left and will soon inform him of his final decision. Roby talks to an unknown woman on the phone and tells her that she should not let Mehr leave Saranjeet's house or have the abortion happen. She tells him that if he manages to execute his plan, she will forgive all the debt.

Later, the chef talks about the special culinary specialties that Mehr has prepared. Sarabjeet praises Mehr in front of Harleen and the latter thinks that Mehr has decided to leave the family and leave. Harleen serves food to everyone at the dining room table, but does not give it to Mehr, Sarab and everyone else notices. Mehr serves Sarab food and forces him to have it, but he refuses. He tells her that he is behaving as if he were not there to feed them and that he plans to leave them and leave.

Mehr brings a set of snakes and stairs to Param and gets happy. Sarab asks him about his decision to make his favorite food and now bring Param's favorite game. He asks her that it is late and why she has not slept. She realizes she won't be there since tomorrow.

Sarabjeet, Param and Mehr play snakes and ladders. Mehr gets excited to see Param's love for her. She realizes that the time limit Harleen had given her to accept her condition has come to an end. Param gets irritated with the game when Mehr loses. Mehr gets excited and explains that life presents challenges, but that they should not give up on life and must defend themselves. Harleen listens to their conversation.