1,000 children died in Gorakhpur in 12 months: Akhilesh Yadav in the row of Kota

LUCKNOW: national president of the Samajwadi party Akhilesh Yadav On Friday, he alleged that more than 1,000 infants died in Gorakhpur, the prime minister's home district, in the past 12 months, but he has never expressed concern about it. Speaking to the media at the party office, Akhilesh said he read CM Yogi's tweet and asked him when he would express concern about the death of children in Gorakhpur. The SP will publish the list of dead children due to fever on Monday, he said.

CM is expressing concern about the death of babies in Kota, but when will he be worried about the deaths of more than 1000 children in Gorakhpur? The inhuman aspect of death is that doctors were aware of the disease, but due to government instructions and CM says the figures should be correct, proper medication was not given. We will publish the list of children on Monday, Akhilesh said.

In Ashok Gehlot The statement that child deaths were lower in the last six years, Akhilesh said, had been in Rajasthan and I know the real situation.

He continued to attack the government saying: The most inhuman aspect of the deaths in Gorakhpur is that the children did not receive adequate medications, he said.