BJP highlights Cong's support for citizens of Pak refugees to attack the opposition party

NEW DELHI: Accusing the Congress of policies of duplicity and convenience on the Citizenship Law (Amendment), the BJP quoted on Friday the electoral manifesto of the 2018 opposition party assembly that promised comprehensive development to refugees from Pakistan , including those related to citizenship and rehabilitation.

BJP spokesman, G V L, Narasimha Rao, shared the details of the Congress manifesto to attack the opposition party.

I have in my hand the Congress manifesto for the elections of the 2018 Rajasthan assembly. Article number 27 of this manifesto relates to governance. They claim citizenship rights in this and there is a promise that they lie today.

"The Congress in its manifesto had promised all-round development of people who have been displaced from Pakistan , that means the refugees, and they promise to give them citizenship rights and rehabilitation," he told reporters.

Rao noticed that Rahul Gandhi He was then the president of Congress.

This is the true face of Congress, since it says something when it is in power, and when this does not suit it, it puts on a different face, he said, comparing the party with a multi-headed hydra that is working against national interest by changing its position frequently.

It is adopting policies of duplicity and convenience, he said.

In his previous term as prime minister of the state Ashok Gehlot I had written to the then prime minister Manmohan Singh , seeking citizenship for Hindus and Sikhs displaced from Pakistan , Rao claimed.