Vanessa Hudgens reflects on the scandal of the nude photo

Actress Vanessa Hudgens has opened up about being a victim of a nude photography escape, saying it was a 'traumatizing' experience.

In an interview, Hudgens, 31, has spoken candidly about her 2007 nude photography scandal, when an image of the actor was filtered out on Internet after his phone was hacked.

When describing the incident as 'traumatizing', she said: It was something really traumatic for me. It's really screwed up that people feel they have the right to share something so personal with the world.

She said it made her feel as if she had lost all control of (her own privacy) after the publication of the intimate photograph.

I think it's because there is a disconnection when you see your favorite actress on the screen, and you see her now on your TV in your homes, and you can watch her whenever you want. I almost don't want to say disrespect because that sounds negative but it just makes you feel that you know them even if you don't know them, he added.

Taking the discussion to the #MeToo movement, Hudgens admitted that he had been spoken inappropriately.

I am the type of person in any situation, be it an audition or at work, if I feel uncomfortable, I will leave or let that person know that they are making me feel uncomfortable. So if they don't respect that, they can go to hell. If someone doesn't like that, they can literally do it, he explained.

On a positive note, he added: It is important to take care of each other, especially in this industry, and realize that it is difficult. It's hard enough, nobody needs to make it harder.