Rose McGowan told her to let her hair grow or the men wouldn't want her

It is not easy for the actress Rose McGowan work in Hollywood with short hair .

In an interview McGowan has revealed that she was questioned a lot about her short hair style when she she began work in the industry.

"I always had short hair growing up. Then when I was in Hollywood , they told me I had to have long hair otherwise, men would not want to fuck me. If they didn't want to fuck me, they wouldn't rental I. A woman told me that, she said.

McGowan also feels less powerful when his hair grows longer.

I always felt it was tempting. It's strange, the longer my hair is, the less powerful I feel. The side effect I noticed when I shaved my head is that men could hear the words that came out of my mouth for the first time. They could not hear me before. I didn't expect that, he added.