Garjana de Raai Laxmi will launch soon

A fictitious plot that shows the conflict between man and animal, concluding that one is more dangerous than the other, is what Garjana is about.

The film that explores dangerous behavior and the conflict between the two sees Sriram and Raai Laxmi in main roles. The story seems to revolve around a savage Tiger wandering freely in a tea estate. The way it crosses the paths of the main pair forms the story.

Directed by debutant J Prathiban, the story, script and cinematography of the film are directed by PV Panneerselvam. Produced by B Vinod Jain, the film will be released soon by Jaguar Studios. The movie will have a VFX Tiger which will get a generous screen-time.

Garjana also sees Dev gill , Naira, Vaishnavi Chandran Menon, Dhwitha, Black Pandi and others in key roles.