Exclusive! Casting Director Avani Soni: Hard work should be your role model because it teaches you to grow

Gujarati films have gained much attention so far and have captured the great audience by offering highly successful films such as Hellaro, Reva and Chaal Jeevi Laiye and have entertained fans on the big screen. 2020 promises an equal dose of entertainment. E-Times found the youngest casting director for an exclusive chat recently. Excerpts from the interview:

He will soon complete a decade in Dhollywood, does he describe his trip?

In a nine-year career, I worked with more than 100 artists, which also includes several actors who won the National Prize. I always dreamed of working with recognized names in the Gujarati entertainment industry and I am working closely with renowned producers.

Any challenge you have faced in your career?

My goal is to promote deserving artists and give them a platform to showcase their talent. One of the biggest challenges I faced in Gujarat is the fact that many families have restricted their children from acting in movies because everyone is afraid to take a couch. It is necessary to overcome the odds. If you have great acting skills, then it is important to show your talent on the screen. Hard work has no shortcuts and talent has no limits. If you give your 100 percent towards the goals, you can fulfill all your dreams.

What are your next projects?

I recently made the casting for the movie 'Love Ni love Story's' which will premiere on January 31, 2020. I have also done the casting for another movie called «Chhuti Jashe Chhakka» (2018) and 'Tamburo' which is the first Gujarati multi starer movie (2017). I am currently working on a couple of projects and will soon share the details.

What is your industry role model?

Hard work should be your role model because it teaches you to grow. Your inner strength and power can be your best teacher and you should always follow the things that help you fulfill your dreams.

What is your future goal?

My father had the dream of starting a production house in my name, but I was too young at that time and before he could live the dream, he left us. So, in memory of my beloved father, I would like to start a production house soon and I would love to produce good projects under that banner.