Those who protest against CAA must be declared anti-OBC, anti-Dalit: Nityanand Rai

NEW DELHI: Affirming that opposition to it is an attack on CBOs, the Union minister said on Friday that those protesting against the new legislation must be declared anti-CBO and.

The home state minister said that most non-Muslims fleeing harassment in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan belong to other backward classes (CBOs) and.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought CAA to give them respect. If someone opposes CAA, declare it anti-Dalit and anti-OBC, Rai said at a meeting at an OBC City Hall here.

The opposition to the CAA is an attack against the CBOs. A handful of people have come out and protest against the amended law. CBOs should roar like lions, louder than protesters, he said.

In stating that the government will expel all terrorists from the country, the junior minister in the Interior Ministry said: They (the terrorists) will be expelled or sent to jail or hell.

At the event, Uttar Pradesh minister Dara Singh Chauhan accused the opposition parties of not respecting the CBOs for 70 years.

Congratulations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for giving reservation to OBC students in Kendriya Vidyalayas. Our PM led surgical strikes, brought CAA, brought back (Wing Commander) Abhinandan (Varthaman) from Pakistan. Only an OBC could have done it, he said and accused Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal of deceiving OBCs by stopping their registration in OBC list.

Speaking about the next one, Rai said it will be a great test for the CBOs. Knocking on Kejriwal, he said: We have to erase his name from the politics of Delhi ... he should be expelled.

Rai said the CBOs have benefited the most from all current central government schemes.

A reservation was created, the reservation was implemented. Modiji granted the OBC commission a constitutional status so that the reservation for OBC cannot be revoked, he said.