History cannot be structured in a country's foreign accounts: Subramanian Swamy

NEW DELHI: The history of no free country can be structured in foreign accounts and the time has come for the people of India to take purtanic sources seriously and imbibe a false and well-founded history written by Indians about Indians, says BJP Leader Swamy Subramanian .

According to him, a correct and falsified story would record that Hindustan was conceptually one in the art of governance, in the style of the royal courts, in the methods of war, in the maintenance of its agrarian base and in it.

Otherwise, he says, he was decentralized for the autonomy of villages in self-administration and that is a manifestation of that.

Swamy says that the history of no free country can be structured in foreign accounts.

The time has come for us to take our purnic sources seriously and imbibe a well-founded and well-founded history of ancient India, a history written by Indians about Indians, he writes in his new book Ram Temple and Hindu Renaissance. .

A rewritten history of this kind would bring to light the surprising continuity of a nation, which affirmed its identity over and over again in times of war and political crisis, he says.

The Aryan-Dravidian division in history taught in schools and universities is purely a conception of foreign historians like Max Mueller and has no basis in the historical records of India, says Swamy.

... It is increasingly clear that there was never a theory imposed on the subcontinent by its colonizers and that today the Nehruvian historians keep alive. Romila Thapar , missionaries and communists, continue writing.

But as long as India does not rewrite its history books and teach its children to be proud of their ancient and indigenous civilization, there will be others who will come and exploit India, he says.

The book, co-written with Satya Paul Sabharwal, a member of Swamy's legal team, and published by Har-Anand Publications, focuses on the reconstruction of.

Places of worship of adorable figures of any community can be built in many places, statues of great men can be placed in many places, but the places of manifestation/birth of great men/deities would be in one place, and that will never be It can change, he says.

The place of birth cannot be moved, it cannot be relocated. It's not exchangeable. You cannot exchange, exchange, sell or donate ... Ayodhya is for Hindus what Mecca is for Muslims. Therefore, there is no new structure, establishment, institution, center, which could lead Hindus to the scandalous memories of history must be built in Ayodhya, say the authors.

Swamy is of the opinion that the present dysfunctional perceptional imbalance in the understanding of who we are as people, is behind most of the community tensions and inter-community distrust in the country.