The monuments of Mandu reverberate with music and masti

The end of 2019 could not be better in the hi S t orica city of Mandu, since a 5-day S t ival faith of Mandu kept him full of activity. The 800-year-old archeological building around the city is located in Say S t rite of Dhar He saw himself with streamers of faith, and see how tourists from all over the world came to participate.

 Navraj Hans  performing

On the one hand, the mornings began with yoga sessions at Caravan Sarai; the afternoons ended in a musical note with renowned arti S t as Indian Ocean , Prem Joshua and band, Kabir Café, Antariksh and Navraj Hans performed at the di S t rite of music created by Madhya Pradesh Tourism in one of the monuments in Mandu. In addition to that, the tourists participated in a series of other activities such as aerobic balloon rides, rides and heritage walks to learn more about the city's history, its rulers and the famous hi S t Oria of love of the warrior poet. Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati. “I was a part of the heritage walk, and the experts there shared how the two S t ar-crossed lovers had met, and how Baz Bahadur built the Roopmati Pavilion for his queen, so she can be close to her revered river Rewa” shares a participant at the event.

Exploring the unexplored Mandu with cycling tour at Chor Kot

Neeraj Arya, from the Kabir Café band that performed in the S t ival faith on 31 S t evening says, “Humari musical roots Malwi hain, so we were elated to be performing for locals, artisans as well as touri S t s across the globe at this hi S t orical place. To be S t anding in an 800-years-old monument, while performing was the highlight for me and my band. Moreover, even we got to explore the rich heritage of Malwa while here. ”

 Indian Ocean  performing at Mandu

A day before the closing ceremony, elated by the response for the intrigue and romance of Mandu’s hi S t ory, the S t ate’s mini S t er for tourism and NVDA Surendra Singh Baghel also announced that January 1 will be marked as Mandu Day henceforth