Agnisakshi Update, January 2: Prameela clears the confusion

In the last episode of Agnisakshi , Sannidhi and family members are surprised to see Maya in the house and feel relieved. Maya greets them and informs them that she is aware of all the incidents.

Tanu begins to suspect and demands an explanation from Akhil for hiding Maya's whereabouts. Maya defends Akhil and explains the whole incident.

However, Tanu is not convinced but looks at Akhil. Akhil ignores him and asks family members to turn off their mobile phones, as police could track them.

When Anjali tries to contact Roshni, Maya gives Anjali her mobile phone. Anjali then calls Roshni through Maya's phone and finds out about Prameela's condition.

On the other hand, the inspector asks his subordinates to trace the network of family members and know their whereabouts.

Visit Maya's place and arrest them all. Having arrested Sannidhi and his relatives, the inspector takes them to the hospital instead of to the police station.

Meanwhile, Prameela is recovering from her illness and is in the hospital. When the inspector asks about food poison, Prameela clears up the confusion and supports Sannidhi speaking in favor of the family member.

However, the inspector does not accept it. Then he gets a witness and interrogates him. During the interrogation, the inspector asks you to recognize the culprit.

The witness points to Shobha as the culprit and informs the inspector that he gave him the pesticide.

Dayanand and Shobha fear being caught and apologize to Prameela. But the inspector arrests them and takes them into their custody.