BJP reacts furiously at the insinuation of the Seva Dal Congress on Savarkar's relationship with Godse

NEW DELHI: The BJP reacted furiously on Friday to a hint from Congress, Seva Dal, one of the front organizations of the opposition party, on Veer Savarkar's relationship, calling it abhorrent and accusing the team of working to denigrate all leaders external The Nehru-Gandhi family.

The secretary general of BJP, Anil Jain, struck the Congress, saying that the world knows several relationships of the leaders of the Congress, but does not want to throw so much garbage.

No one in Congress suffered as Veer Savarkar, an icon of Hindutva, said Jain and asked at what level the opposition party has fallen by attacking him. Congress should respond on such an abominable comment about Savarkar, he said.

Except for one family, nobody is worthy of respect for Congress, Jain said in accusing the party of denigrating leaders like Sardar, Bhim Rao Ambedkar and Savarkar.

A booklet in Hindi, distributed in a Seva Dal camp, affiliated with Congress, states that Savarkar and Mahatma Gandhi The killer Nathuram Godse was in a physical relationship.

Jain also hit the Congress government in Rajasthan after he said more children had died before in a Kota hospital, where the death of more than 100 children has triggered a political dispute.

Instead of publishing statistics, the state government should work to improve conditions in the hospital and correct responsibility, he said.