Adam Sandler's Twitter account hacked

The actor of 'Uncut Gems' became the last victim of piracy when a series of racist and offensive publications were made since his Twitter account this thursday.

This came just days after Mariah Carrey's Twitter account was taken over in a similar manner.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Adam Sandler 's Twitter page went haywire starting from 5:34 PM (local time) when derogatory remarks started to appear that targeted racial groups and famous people.

While a Tweet made an offensive comment about Mariah Carey another had an abusive publication addressed to the US president, Donald Trump . Hackers also tweeted a post that made racist comments about Barack Obama .

A Sandler representative told the media that the hijacked account was instantly blocked when the problem was noticed.

As in the case of Carey, the Tweets on Sandler's page referred to the Chuckling Squad hacker group that was responsible for breaching through Twitter CEO Jack dorsey 's Twitter account back in August 2019.