Mangala Gowri Madve Update, January 2: Rajeev rescues a minor so she doesn't get married

In the last episode of Mangala Gowri Madve Karna feels a bad omen about Rajeev and Mangala and meets the priest to find a solution. To his surprise, the priest predicts that Rajeev will not lead his life with Mangala and forecasts an imminent danger.

Balli has a nightmare and fears of being caught by family members for trying to kill Mangala. While Balli walks alone inside the house, Soundarya sees her and warns her to behave normally. Balli conveys his thoughts on Mangala and seeks Soundarya's help.

The next day, Rajeev is called to prevent a younger girl from getting married. He blocks the wedding and orders him to stop. However, the family members of the bride and groom use all possible ways to stop Rajeev.

But Rajeev does not change his decision, he arrests the boyfriend and his family members for forcing a younger girl to marry. The mother of the groom curses Rajeev in every possible way.

Pandu and Kumar care about Rajeev's future by hearing the words spoken by the boyfriend's mother. They pray to God for the future and happiness of Rajeev and Mangala.

Meanwhile, Sneha dresses traditionally and decides to surprise Rajeev. First he visits his parents and asks them how he looks with this outfit. Vaani informs Sneha that she looks like Mangala's replica.

Sneha gets excited and rushes to meet Rajeev and his family members.