A musical jugalbandi in the city of joy

An awards ceremony was recently held in a city auditorium for its excellence in the field of performing arts. Sajal Koser and Shobha Koser, who conceptualized the ceremony, were present at the do. The event began with a lamp lighting ceremony, followed by the congratulations of two renowned city musicians, Pt Dinanath Mishra and Pt Gobinda Bose. The main motto of honoring artists was to honor their contribution in the promotion and dissemination of Indian classical music. The awards ceremony was followed by two performances by Dinanath and Gobinda. Gobinda presented pieces of classical music Farukhabad, Ajrara and Punjab gharana. Hiranmoy Mitra accompanied him in the harmonium while Bijoy played the sarangi. Gobinda's son, Somnath Bose, was also part of the performance. Somnath began with the teenage taal and then performed his composite piece. He also performed some of the compositions of Pt. Jnan Prakash Ghosh . In addition to this moving performance, Dinanath also presented a bandit based on raag, Bageshri and some other classical recitals. He was accompanied by Pt Debasish Adhikary in the table and Hiranmoyon the harmonium. Dinanath concluded his performance with a Baha bhajan Guru nanak .