Agga Bai Sasubai Update, January 2: Abhijit convinces Aajoba for the last time

In the last episode of Agga Bai Sasubai , Kamalakar Go back to the sari shop to find Asawari but sees Maddy instead of Asawari. Kamalakar asks Maddy about Asawari and Abhijit. Maddy informs Kamalakar about Abhijit and Asawari 's court marriage. Later, Kamalakar forcefully takes Maddy with him to find the marriage register office.

On the other hand, Shubhra calls Abhijit and Asawari at the Marriage register office and informs them about Aajoba’s stubborn decision. Shubhra discusses with Abhijit about Kamalakar’s weird behavior with Asawari. Shubhra urges Abhijit and Asawari for the court marriage.

Later, Abhijit convinces Shubhra saying that he wants to marry Asawari in front of everyone and he can’t marry Asawari without taking Aajoba’s permission.

Meanwhile, Kamalakar reaches to the marriage register office with Maddy. Marriage register informs Kamalakar that Abhijit and Asawari couldn’t get married.

Later, Kamalakar goes to Asawari’s house to inform Aajoba about Asawari and Abhijit’s court marriage.

At the same time, Asawari reaches at her house with Shubhra and sees Kamalakar in front of her. Shubhra makes a plan and informs Aajoba that Kamalakar left Asawari alone in the market.

Aajoba shouts at Kamalakar for not taking care of Shubhra and Asawari.

Kamalakar makes a plan and convinces Aajoba saying that engagement shopping has been done so they shouldn't waste their time. Aajoba finalizes the engagement of Asawari with Kamalakar.

Lastly, Shubhra calls Abhijit and informs him about Kamalakar and Asawari’s engagement. Abhijit goes to Asawari’s house to convince Aajoba for one last time.