Krishnakoli Update, January 2: Shyama brings Tumpa home

In the last episode of Krishnakoli , Bijli together with his dad waiting in the hospital where Tumpa is being admitted Shyama start coughing and Nikhil asks her to take care. Shyama asks Nikhil to talk to Sujata.

Meanwhile, the doctor comes and opines Tumpa is recovering. He suggests Shyama and Bijli’s family to take care of Tuma’s mental health since she must be having some trauma.

Bijli worries that Tumpa will have to face stigma at the village. Shyama promises to take care of Bijli.

Rangini tries to manipulate Sujata in every possible way. Rangini tells Shyama’s dusky color is the main reason behind all the issues they are facing. This leaves Sujata worried.

Sujata asks Rangini to accompany her but the latter refuses, adding that her family members, especially, Shyama might not like it. Sujata tells her family will welcome her with open arms and Shyama will definitely make her place in Rangini’s heart.

But Sujata finally convinces Rangini to accompany her to Chowdhury's house.

Ramen is happy with the fact that Rangini will seek revenge on Shyama. He asks Rangini to teach her a lesson. He reminds that Shyama will participate in a prestigious competition and asks Rangini to make sure that she (Shyama) can't win it. Rangini promises to do every possible thing to stop Shyama.

Meanwhile, Papiya is busy arranging everything for Tumpa. The latter will get discharged from the hospital and stay with them.

Shyama brings Tumpa home. The latter is still traumatized. Shyama and Papiya try to make her feel better. Suddenly Sujata enters.