Manas runs test session for movie in Dinesh Gupta

Manas Mukul Pal's long-awaited project on the freedom fighter Dinesh Gupta It will finally hit the floors in February. Before that, the director and his team held a test session at Baranagar Monday. “It's to finalize the appearance of the movie. It was a full shoot with the actors, including Samiul Alam. I have been told that such test sessions are not so common in Tollywood. That is understandable because of the cost it incurs. However, it is also very useful, ”said the director.

In addition to Samiul, who also played one of the protagonists in Manas' debut feature film, Sahaj Pather Goppo, the film presents Mithun Chakraborty . The veteran actor agreed to work with Manas on this project. He signed on the dotted line earlier this year. According to the director, Mithun will play a very important character. “His character is not a known name. There are several anonymous heroes in our freedom movement. We found this character after much research. Mithun was excited when I read the script. The shooting will take place this winter, ”said the director.

When preparing the shooting schedule, Manas explained that it will be a long matter. “We are covering a long period of time. There are three schedules so far. Since the period of time is long, we have decided to divide it into several stations. While the February section ends, the other parts will also be confirmed soon, ”Manas signed.