What are Iman's New Year's resolutions?

Magnet Chakraborty is ready to start it New Year positively. With a long list of resolutions, the singer said, “Notun bochhore prem korte hobe bhai (I have to fall in love this New Year )” and burst into laughter. After composing herself, she said, “I have a plan to sing a bouquet of good songs. That is my commitment to my audience. That automatically brings positivity to me.”

Again, on a lighter note, she said, “Being the foodie that I am, I have to eat good food to mark the event. Food also brings a lot of positive energy to me.” Magnet also vows to forgive. “I believe in ‘live and let live’. I have to forgo. I have to forgive. I promise to bring happiness in the life of those who matter to me.”

Magnet recently released a new single, Janala Khule Dao, which, according to the singer, is a tribute to a leader music producer, who passed away recently. Based on Raag Khamaaj, the song is penned and composed by Santanu Ghatak. “One day, Santanuda sent me this song and said he wanted me to sing it. I really liked it and agreed. This is a song that takes you to light from darkness,” said the singer, adding, “This is also my tribute to the music producer, who was very close to my heart.”

Meanwhile, Magnet is extremely busy with shows. “Obviously, this is the season for it and we all are busy. I am running from one place to another for shows. It is a good time for us,” said the singer.