The rain forecasts a shock absorber for the concert on the terrace of Upal

It's been five years since Upal The concert on the terrace of Sengupta, Amader Chhade, has occupied a permanent place in the calendars of music enthusiasts. As every year, the concert was scheduled for January 3. However, with the rain alert predicted by the Meteorological Office , the musician and the participants are all arranged.

Despite the uncertainty, Upal refuses to be stressed. “We are preparing as it is. However, if it rains, we shall shift it by a day, ”he said. But will it not be a problem, we asked him. “Why should it be? The main people concerned are the musicians and the performers. Most of them are free the next day. Those who come to listen to the music will also come, I think. January 4 is a Saturday. So it is even better, ”I added.

Over the years, several young and upcoming musicians have performed at the terrace concert and this year too, Upal promises to present some fresh face. “The idea is to make room for young talents. This year, there is a bunch of talented musicians who are rehearsing really hard. Besides, Lopa ( Lopamudra Mitra ), Ritika Sahani, Ratna Basu and others will perform at the concert, ”Upal said.

The musician is getting a lot of requests from those who want to watch the concert. “While there is an overwhelming response, there is a problem. Our terrace has limited space and hence only a limited number of people can gather there. That’s why I do not invite anyone. Whoever comes, comes on his or her own. If that person can manage in that space, he/she is welcome to enjoy the concert. I dream that one day, every rooftop in the city will be turned into a place for music, ”Upal signed off.