An exhibition to celebrate the indigenous crafts of Kutch.

Khamir presents Desi Oon, a four-day exhibition at a Bikaner house, will be a platform to preserve and facilitate the crafts, heritage and cultural ecology of the Kutch region of Gujarat . It was instituted after the 2001 earthquake with the objective of involving and developing the rich creative industries of Kutch.


The exhibition takes one on an extraordinarily intriguing journey of sheep grazing, and seeks to familiarize people with the local craft of spinning, weaving and dyeing wool. It will be a rare opportunity to interact with some of Kutch's most respected artisans and shepherds, from whom you can learn about the complexities of wool crafts and grazing. Khamir has collaborated with weavers, spinners, dyers and designers to organize this exhibition, a first step in a series of events planned to highlight the usefulness of indigenous wool in urban consumer markets. Some of Kutch's most respected artisans and shepherds will also attend the exhibition and visitors will have the opportunity to interact with them about the complexities of crafts and grazing.