Mazya Navryachi Bayko Update, January 2: Shanaya plans to teach Gurunath a lesson

In the recent episode of Mazya Navryachi Bayko , Radhika inform Saumitra about Atharva's habits and routine. Suddenly, Revati returns to Radhika's house and gives her best wishes to the latter for her honeymoon night. Radhika feels uncomfortable and shares her worries with Saumitra.

On the other hand, Gurunath is upset about being ousted from Saumitra’s father's office. He shares his plight with KD. He tells KD that he is feeling low because Saumitra and Radhika are married and Shanaya does not understand him at all. While discussing his problems with KD, Gurunath rejects Shanaya’s call. She feels insulted and plans to teach Gurunath a lesson.

Later, Gurunath returns to Shanaya’s house in an inebriated state. Shanaya gets angry with Gurunath and cross-questions him. Gurunath shouts at her adding that she has destroyed his life completely and took away his parents and Atharva from him. Shanaya replies that he is a loser and lost everything because of his weird behavior. Shanaya’s mom tries to calm Gurunath and Shanaya.

On the other side, Anand decorates Saumitra’s room for their honeymoon night. Saumitra and Radhika enter the room. She gets anxious seeing the decoration. Saumitra holds Radhika’s hand but she feels awkward. Noticing Radhika anxious, Saumitra comforts her and sleeps on the couch.

The next day, Shanaya’s mom and Shanaya go on shopping ordering Gurunath to do all household work.