Imran Khan lays stone for the University of Sufism

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Of Pakistan Imran Khan On Sunday He Laid The Foundation Stone Of A University In Sohawa, A Subdivision Of In Punjab, Dedicated To The Study Sufism , A Form Of That Emphasizes Introspection And Spiritual Connection With God.

Sufi Islam Has Been Threatened In Pakistan For The Last Twenty Years And There Have Been Several Deadly Attacks On Sufi Shrines Throughout The Country.

The facility, known as , is named after Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, an 11th century Sunni Muslim preacher, orator, mystic, theologian and founder of the Qadiriyya order of Sufism .

" For The Past 23 Years I Had Been Thinking About Creating This University. It Is Named After Abdul Qadir Jilani, The Sufi Saint Who Had Connected Science And Spirituality. We Consider Spirituality A Super Science And It Needs Research Here Will Be Performed," Khan Said During The Pioneering University Ceremony.

This University Is Formed For A Specific Purpose. We Want To Make Our Youth Leaders. That Will Happen When They Get To Know The Principles Of The State Of Medina (the State Of Medina Was Formed By The Prophet Mohammed After His Migration From Mecca). We Will Have It Investigated And Learn How The Muslims Risen From Medina. We Will Also Develop The Latest Technologies For Which We Will Ask China For Help," Khan Said.

He Said That 35% Of Students Receive Scholarships At Al-Qadir University. Referring To Namal University, Which Was Founded By Him In His Native Village Of Mianwali And Is Considered To Be His Second Largest Performance After The Cancer Hospital He Built In Lahore, Khan Said," We Will Implement It On The Model Of Namal University. Varsity Is Not Determined By Government Funds, But By Private Fundraising."

Zulfiqar Bukhari, Special Assistant To Pakistani Human Resources Development Prime Minister, Khan Said He Had A Vision To Transform Pakistan Into A Welfare State According To The State Pattern Of Medina And To Establish Such Institutions To Transfer Islamic Teachings Showed His Commitment In This Respect .