Dancer Vidya Pradeep: Everyone can relate to the struggles of Chithrangada

She was the princess of Manipur and she was in love with Arjun, one of the five. Although she was a warrior, her love for her made her an epitome of affection and, for more than a century, her one-act work has been a very beloved literary work in the country.

When the dancer recently represented him in Thiruvananthapuram, probably for the first time through the mohiniyattam, he was realizing a pending dream for the artist. Vidya, who is a disciple of the renowned dancer Neena Prasad, says: “I remember reading Chithrangada when I was a university student. From that moment, I wanted to present it through the mohiniyattam and for a long time, about 10 years ago, I had also worked on it. However, things did not fit for him to introduce himself. But recently, when art legend Soorya Krishnamoorthy offered him a platform to present something new at the Soorya festival, Vidya knew it was Chithrangada's turn.

After the 70-minute group performance choreographed by her, Vidya says the positive comments made her happy. My guru Neena Prasad said that the two personalities of Chithrangada, such as the warrior princess and a pretty girl in love, skillfully showed themselves through the mohiniyattam, although she is a nritham ekaharya (without changing clothes).

How does the story of a Manipuri princess fit the mohiniyattam format, which comes with many limitations? Vidya says: “Regardless of the environment, anyone in any place can relate to the trials and tribulations they went through. His basic attitude towards work and homework also connects with the audience, so it was not a problem.

However, obtaining the correct letter for the Chithrangada I had in mind was a challenge. “The writer and former official K Jayakumar sir helped me with that. I told him the way I want to present it, and he wrote appropriate lyrics. Once I had that in my hand, it took me only a month and a half to put everything together, says Vidya. She also mentions the group of dancers based on Thiruvananthapuram called Art Infinite who supported her with the group project.

Haripad, 35, has been a disciple of Neena Prasad since she finished her class 10. Vidya, who was part of most of her guru's productions such as Seethayanam, Sakhyam, Kani Kanum Neram and more, thanks those experiences for helping her arm It works like Chithrangada. That is the source of trust, says Vidya, who also presented a thematic performance entitled She the Cause with many emotions of women for Women's Day in 2019. The concept called Natya Yoga, which she developed with the nutrition instructor and Yoga Uma Kalyani It is also quite popular among dance and fitness enthusiasts.

His next project is titled Glimpse of Travancore. It presents the various heritage sites of the city, such as the Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Kanthalloor Sala, the Kilimanoor Palace and will be displayed through many art forms such as bharatanatyam, kathakali, kalaripayattu and more, he concludes.