Vadinamma Update, January 2: Bharat decides to fulfill Siri's dream

In the last episode of Vadinamma , Bharat strip Siri The leg for boasting of his talent to drive before family members. She breaks into tears complaining that he has not supported her. He quickly apologizes and promises to teach him how to ride a bicycle.

Next morning, Bharat meets Siri at the ground and teaches her the basics of bike riding. During the practice session, she falls down from the bike and gets hurt. But she lies to Bharat about the same fearing that he wouldn’t teach her anymore. Meanwhile, Nani captures Bharat coaching Siri and reveals it to Raghu & Sita . They are surprised realizing why the two were lying to them & going out of late. They decide to pretend to be ignorant of this fact & tease the couple.

As Bharat & Siri return to the house, Raghu along with Sita & Nani pull their leg. Bharat & Siri initially try to bluff but later the former admits that he has been coaching her all the while. Raghu & Sita appreciate Bharat .

At night, Bharat finds Siri sleep talking about her bike riding experience. He wakes her up & she tells him that driving a bike alone has been her unfulfilled dream. Bharat realises that she needs a bike right away. Meanwhile, Raghu also convinces Sita into buying a new bike so that everyone at home can use it.

Bharat later finds Siri’s hand to be wounded. He understands that she lied to him.