Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Update January 2: Bhide has a surprise for Gokuldham residents

In the last episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah , Jethalal wishes Gopal bhai a happy new year over the phone. Bapu Ji comes there and wishes him, too. Jethalal tells Bapu Ji he has received many messages on his phone for the new year due to free service, and he won't be able to reply to them. Bapu Ji asks him not to take stress, and blesses him. Jethalal tells Bapu Ji to bless him specially for money as last year his business didn't do so well.

Bapu Ji asks the latter to now focus on doing 'kasrat', and go for a walk. But Jethalal tells him that he is dressed up for work and won't be able to start right now. Bapu Ji asks him not to cook up an excuse and leave for his shop. Just when Jethalal is about to go, Bapu ji stops him for breakfast. He asks Jethalal to call Abdul and get ketchup for their sandwiches. When Abdul doesn't pick up, Jethalal offers to get it himself.

The scene changes to Mehta's house, where Anjali finds him busy writing poetry. She complains that he doesn't write anything for her. Mehta praises her through her poetry. She is so impressed that she decides to frame the paper in which he has written the poem. She finds it blank. Mehta tells him that it is written in his heart. An impressed Anjali decides to make Rajwadi chai and Masaledar Punjabi food for him.

Elsewhere, Bhide is elated as Madhavi has also cooked a delicacy for him. The two wish each other a new year, and then Madhavi gets ladoo for him. She asks him to close his eyes and offers to feed it herself. She pranks him by making him eat a mirchi instead of ladoo. Bhide tells her that even the mirchi served by her is sweet for him. He then gets to eat side. Bhide tries to get romantic with Madhavi but she runs away.

Bhide then spots something in the newspaper. He decides to give a surprise to Gokuldham residents with the help of Popat. He goes to the compound and accidentally bumps into Jethalal. He tells him about the surprise vaguely and then writes the thought of the day on the board. Jethalal asks the meaning of what he has written on the board. Bhide explains it to him. In his house, Popat is seen placing a calendar on the wall with the help of a stool. Bhide calls him out, which makes him lose his balance. Bhide runs to catch him.