Sembaruthi Update, January 2: Nandhini ruins Parvathy's efforts

In the last episode of Sembaruthi , Nandhini Men intoxicate one of the employees of Akhilandeswari Default and blame it on Parvathy . The rest of the employees support Parvathy. Nadhini complains to the labor department about the issue.

A few officers from the labor department inspect Akhilandeswari’s factory to check on the amenities and employee welfare practices. Parvathy submits all the essential documents and the officers leave unable to find enough evidence for any fraudulent practices.

Parvathy visits hospital to take care of Sundaram and gets emotional finding Akhilandeswari taking good care of him. Akhilandeswari uses the opportunity to speak ill of Parvathy. Ganesan consoles Parvathy and advises her to stay focused on work.

Frustrated Nandhini plans to stop Parvathy from completing a new business deal by ruining the quality of the product.

Parvathy updates Akhilandeswari that she has completed the business deal with the cooperation of the employees. Akhilandeswari is very happy with this. Later in the quality check, she finds some flaws in the deliverables which leaves her shocked.