Jeevitha Rajasekhar apologizes to the members of the Association of Movie Artists (MAA)

Jeevitha, without Dr. Rajasekhar has apologized to the members of Association of film artists (MAA) after Rajasekhar created a great drama in Launch of the MAA newspaper which was held at Park Hyatt in Hyderabad on January 2, 2020.

Dr. Rajasekhar wrested the mic out of Paruchuri Gopala Krishna's hands and said that he has a lot of issues at his home due to MAA. He hasn't signed any film since last year March, and I've spent most his time in the association work. I've added that Chiranjeevi Garu delivered a vivid speech, but one cannot hide the smoke when things catch fire.

Chiranjeevi got angry with the behavior of Rajasekhar and called for disciplinary action to be taken against him. I strongly condemned his act.

Jeevitha He immediately picked up the microphone and apologized for the inconvenience created on stage. Justified her husband's behavior, Rajasekhar is like a child. You cannot hide your emotions and feelings. So please don't get mad at him. He also added that they would argue with each other and work together. No one has cheated anyone there.

Dr. Rajasekhar has also apologised for the inconvenience caused by his irked behaviour. He took to Twitter to apologise to the members of Association of film artists that were hurt by his words.

He wrote, Whatever happened today is only between Naresh, Maa and me. Things aren't right here and I cannot stand aside quietly and watch. There is no misunderstanding or fight between Chiranjeevi Garu, Mohan Babu Garu and Me. I apologize for any inconvenience caused to our guests!

Check out his tweet:

He also resigned for his post as Executive Vice President of MAA. I have tweeted, But it is high time, and I had to speak about it! I have resigned from my post as Executive Vice President. I promise to do whatever I can for the industry on my own. Plz don't, blow up this issue as a personal fight between Mohan Babu garu, Chiranjeevi garu and me.