Innovate, patent, produce and prosper, says PM Modi at the 107th Indian Science Congress

BENGALURU: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, inaugurating the 107th (ISC) here urged the scientific community to lead India on the path of innovation and prosperity.

India's growth history will depend on the science and technology sector and there is a need to transform this sector. The motto for young people should be: innovate, patent, produce and prosper, he said.

... This will lead our country towards faster development. If we innovate, we will patent, and that in turn will make production fluid and when we bring the products to the country, people will prosper, he added.

In identifying key areas of focus, Modi said that India also needs a logical temperament along with technological development.

I have always believed that science and technology are the way forward to close the gaps. Look at affordable smartphones now. Even 'aam aadmi' is now connected and knows that he is connected to the government, he said.

Modi said the role of science and technology will be huge in the coming years, from technology in agriculture to deep-sea exploration and from the use of IT in governance to bringing drinking water to homes.

The City of Gardens is now a wonderful field for new businesses. The world comes to innovate. It is the dream of every engineer and innovator to be in Bangalore. But this dream is not only for personal gain but also for the nation. When we start the year 2020 with the positivity of science, we can transform India, he said, adding that new companies have a wide range of opportunities they need to take advantage of.

India is in the n. 3 in peer reviewed publications. It is growing around 10%, while the world average is only 4%. India's innovation ranking at 52 makes me happy. I congratulate our scientists for this achievement, he said.