Priyaank Sharma: Shraddha gives me granny vibes

Debutante Priyaank Sharma (Actress Padmini Kolhapure Son of him) is extremely close to his cousins ​​Shraddha and Siddhanth Kapoor . Priyaank makes his foray into Bollywood with Sab Kushal Mangal , in which he plays a reporter. Shraddha made her debut with Teen Patti (2010), while Siddhanth followed her in the industry with Shootout at Wadala (2007). Speaking about his equation with the two, Priyaank said: “Shraddha is an aajibai. I often call her that to make fun of her. She gives me that granny atmosphere; She is affectionate and warm. When asked what advice his cousins ​​had given when he decided to join the movies, he said: I am the youngest among the three of us. Siddhanth bhaiyya is six years older for me and Shraddha is approximately two years older. They had a lot to tell me. Shraddha, in fact, had told me that acting should be spontaneous and should be enjoyed. He also warned me that the profession can exhaust you, irritate you and change you as a person. She told me to enjoy what I do and do what I enjoy. When I started shooting, they sent me messages to encourage and control me. Shraddha is an inspiration to me because he takes care of everyone despite his busy schedule. And look at me! I just made a movie and I am everywhere. I missed wishing him a friend on his birthday, which never happens. N Shakti Kapoor, Priyaank's maternal uncle, also had advice for the young actor. Priyaank said: He only said one thing: surrender to the director and work with flashing lights.