Bigg Boss Kannada 7: Deepika Das and Kishen Bilagali raise the level of mercury with a romantic dance number

Season 7 of Bigg Boss Kannada has been quite hectic these days. The housemates said goodbye to 2019 and welcomed the New Year with a bang. Bigg Boss wished all the housemates a happy new year with a spectacular fireworks display. The housemates danced enthusiastically to make the night memorable.

While the contestants organized events for New Year's Eve, Kishan and Deepika danced a romantic song that raised some eyebrows. The duo danced a popular Kannada song 'Swathi mutthina Male haniye' and gave an intense performance.

They danced inside the pool, used almost the garden area and hypnotized the inmates with their sizzling performance. His crispy chemistry on the screen stole the show for sure.

Meanwhile, Deepika and Kishen have developed a great relationship. The two share a good friendship and have always been the support system of the other.

Interestingly, recently, when Deepika's mother, Padma, visited the greenhouse and mentioned that she likes Kishen more than any other contestant. She also had a good conversation with him and spent time.