Update from Choti Sardarni, January 2: Harleen and Meher save Sarab's life, but they still don't get along

In the last episode of Choti Sardarni , Sarab has chosen Meher in his arms and is climbing up the stairs. Meher asks Sarab to let her walk, but he does not leave her.

Bit too much think Yuvi put gum Jitto ’S comb. Amrita defends Yuvi saying that, her son would never do this.

Amrita calls Meher and she tells her the solution for Jitto to remove chewing gum stuck in her hair.

Sarab reaches up, and Harleen Ignore Meher’s suggestions. Harleen trips and she is about to fall off the building but Sarab holds her hand and saves her.

While Sarab pulls Harleen, he slips and falls off the building but gets hold of a rod and hangs there. Harleen and Meher throw a dupatta for Sarab so he can climb up, and they save him.

Rovi sees Meher's pregnancy report file and learns that Meher is 3 months pregnant, even though she married Sarab 2 months ago.

Dolly tries to ask Param if something happened between Meher and Harleen, but Param tells her nothing.

Harleen, Meher and Sarab eats home. Harleen tells Meher that she has only seven hours to make her decision.

Bit too much scolds Yuvi and asks him if he put the chewing gum on Jitto ’s comb, Yuvi keeps saying no.

Bit too much and Jagga get into an argument and Kulwant enjoys seeing everyone fight in the house. She think that her ‘divide and rule’ plan is going well, and soon everything will be under her control.

Sarab sees Meher struggling to tie her hair and helps her do it. Sarab asks Meher to promise him that they shall always stand together and support each other.