The Kapil Sharma Show: Deepika Padukone reveals that once sewed pants broken Ranveer at a music festival

The next episode of The Kapil Sharma show we will see Deepika Padukone appearing as a guest and making some interesting revelations about her husband, Ranveer singh .

During the filming of the episode, Deepika revealed that although the two do not share clothes, they exchange shoes. Our sizes are almost equal. We often wear each other's shoes, he revealed.

In a cheerful vein, Deepika shared how Ranveer's pants had broken once when they attended a festival. This made her sew and sew while the rest of the people had fun.

As quoted in Mumbai Mirror, she shared: We were at a music festival in Barcelona. Ranveer was taking a strange dance step while wearing baggy pants. Suddenly, I heard an unusual sound, his pants ripped. I was sewing. his pants while people danced around me.

Now, according to reports, the actress wears safety pins, thread and a set of needles while traveling with her husband. Speaking of being a typical wife, Deepika also revealed: Sometimes I take money from Ranveer's purse, like any other housewife.

It wasn't just Deepika, but even Kapil, who had secrets to share. Kapil revealed that at the wedding reception of Deepika in 2018, Ranveer joked by saying: 'Dekh Deepika le gaya main'. Deepika replied: If Ranveer is jealous of someone, it's you.