200 year old boat unearthed in Chucktar Manzil of Lucknow

LUCKNOW: Lucknow Residents And Heritage Enthusiasts From All Over The World Had Heard For A Long Time That The Chhattar Manzil Ships Were Used To Cross, On Whose Shores The Palace Of The 19th Century Is Still Standing. There Was No Evidence Until Wednesday, When An Important Discovery Put The Archaeological Seal Into A Popular Folklore.

A Wooden Boat, Dating Back Some 200 Years, Was Dug In Chhattar Manzil By A Team Of Conservationist Architects Working On The Restoration Of The Building. Excavated From 19 Feet Under Land, The Giant Boat Made From Individual Boards Is 50 Feet Long And 12 Feet Wide. It Is A Revealing Evidence That The Nawabs Used Boats From The Steps Of Their Palace To Cross Gomti.

" It Is An Important Discovery That Archeologically Values ​​The Hypothesis Sustained For Some Time That The Boats Were Used To Travel From The Palace To The Other Shore" , Said The Director Of The Department Of State Archeology AK Singh.

The Conservationist Team Of The Faculty Of Architecture, Who Is The Consultant Of The Entire Chhattar Manzil Project, First Saw The Wooden Planks Around 9 Am" We Deal With The Manual Excavation, And With Care" . It Took Us Two Hours To Recover The Boat, Which Appears To Be From The Nawabi Period And Was Found Moored In Position, Said Conservationist Kumar Kartikey.

Kumar Clarified That The Boat Was Not At The Time That Lucknow Was Flooded In 1960." By Then, There Was Already A Road Called Thandi Sadak On This Side, Then, We Should Have Found Rubble, But We Found Cieno, Which Means That It Was The Bed Del Río, He Explained.

The Ship Is Being Temporarily Preserved In Place And In The Future It Can Be Moved To A Glass Chamber Inside The Palace, Said Conservationist Nitin Kohli. He Added That The State Department Had Informed The Archaeological Service Of India (ASI) About The Discovery And That His Preservation Experience Would Be Sought.