Ke Apon Ke By update, January 2: Joba has a clue

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Joba feels helpless and wonders how he can handle the situation. She is equally worried about Itu's situation and decides to talk to her. Meanwhile, Koel talks to Itu, begging him to calm down. But the latter shows no interest in listening to it. Joba enters the room and asks him to stay strong.

When Itu continues to cry, Joba decides to be strict and asks him to accept the truth, even if it is hard. She asks Koel to leave and has a private conversation with Itu. She asks if Sarthak told him something.

Itu feels bad thinking that Joba doubts Sarthak. Joba explains that he can help Sarthak only if he has a clue about him.

Elsewhere, Sarthak wonders what he has to do now. He feels bad for his family. The men appointed by Tandra ask Sarthak to stay away from the outside world.

At home, Mitti and Tinni care about Sarthak's case. Both have a different agenda. They realize that Koel is standing outside Itu's room and find out that Joba is talking to Itu.

Joba searches Sarthak's room in hopes of getting a clue. She discovers her diary that mentions some expenses. This makes her curious.

Sarthak becomes emotional and decides to call Itu. As soon as he calls, the thugs snatch the phone. Although Sarthak can't speak anything, Itu realizes that it must be him. Joba and Param find out about the call and contact the police.