UP: 6 years ago, notices of violence against the CAA were sent to dead men, 2 90-year-old men who are members of peace panels

AGRA: 87, who died six years ago, will now have to apply for bail to prove that it does not pose a threat to peace in Firozabad. Similarly, 93 years old, who has been bedridden for months, and 90-year-old Sufi Ansar Hussain of Kotla Pathanan, who suffers from pneumonia and has just returned from Delhi, should also visit the magistrate's office to request bail, as they are among the nearly 200 who, according to Firozabad police, could hamper peace during any CAA protest in the region in the near future.

In addition, Fasahat Meer Khan and Sufi Ansar Hussain are members of the local peace committees. In fact, the Firozabad district magistrate and police superintendent Sachindra Patel had met with Hussain two weeks ago and asked him and others to spread the message of peace in the area.

Parvez Khan, eldest son of Banne Khan, whose grave is a few steps from his house, said: I asked the local police to visit the cemetery and ask my abba to request bail. The kind of nonsense that the district administration is doing blindly for Muslim purposes is deeply disturbing.

He said: I came to know about the notification through a local vernacular newspaper. At least they must have verified that my father was drowned while eating Biryani lamb in 2014.

Following the violence of December 20 during the anti-CAA protests here, the district administration invoked sections 107/116 (3) of CrPc against dozens of men whom they considered problematic, forcing men to seek bail against A personal bond with guarantees. .

The procedures under these sections are drawn when the magistrate receives information and believes, after forming an opinion, that there is a substantial basis for proceeding against a person. The police identify potential troublemakers based on intelligence, mostly provided by police officers, sub-inspectors or reports of police outposts.

However, the families of Banne Khan, Fasahat Meer Khan and Sufi Ansar Hussain claimed that the deceased and two nonagenarians were known in their areas as men of community peace rather than problems.

After the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992, the district administration had asked us for help, as they did before the violence of December 20 of this year. We help the local administration to keep the peace. We were never mentioned in any police record as a threat. I don't know why they issued such a warning to a 90-year-old person suffering from pneumonia, said Sufi Ansar Hussain, who has been secretary of Jama Masjid of Firozabad for the past 58 years.

Mohammad Tahir, 61-year-old son of Farshat Meer Khan, said: My father was bedridden for the past few months. On December 23, a sub-inspector along with a police officer visited our house and saw him lying in bed. Two days later, other police officers came and posted a notice in our house.

Responding to TOI's questions about the notices, Firozabad SP Sachindra Patel said: I have asked the CO (city) to investigate the matter and eliminate the badly listed names. I think our sources provided incorrect names to our police. It is a mistake that should have been avoided.