After 100 deaths in December, the JK Lon Hospital in Kota will have a new neonatal unit

KOTA: After 100 deaths in December alone, Kota JK Lon Hospital has reported four recent deaths, including three on Wednesday and one on Thursday.

Taking into account the situation, the hospital administration took a meeting on Thursday and decided to have one more (NICU).

13 infusion pumps will also be installed and 40 hospital heaters were also repaired.

The hospital administration attended a meeting in which Dr. Suresh Dulara, superintendent of JK Lon Hospital, Kota, Dr. Vijay Sardana, director, the new medical faculty of Kota and Gopi Krishna Sharma, deputy superintendent of the hospital participated .

“Two newborns and a one-year-old baby died on Wednesday. An approximately one month old baby who was brought from Baran with severe pneumonia also died Thursday, said Dr. Gopi Krishna Sharma, deputy hospital superintendent.

After the meeting, some decisions were made. We will have one more Neo Natal Intensive Care unit increasing its number to four now, 10 fans are in working condition, 13 infusion pumps will be installed, 40 heaters are also repaired and special attention will be given to critical patients. said Sharma

The number of deaths in the Kota J K Lon hospital reached 100 in December 2019. The number of infant deaths in the same hospital in December 2018 was 77, hospital authorities confirmed Wednesday.

At least nine newborns and babies died at JK Lon Hospital on December 30 and 31. The number of child deaths in December reached 100, hospital superintendent Dr. Suresh Dulara said Wednesday.

The state government on Tuesday ordered hospitals attached to medical colleges to verify the functional status of all medical equipment and send reports.

Last week, prime minister Ashok Gehlot and the health minister, Raghu Sharma, said that most of the children who died were referred to the hospital in critical condition from nearby districts, including neighboring Madhya Pradesh regions.