Gujarat: Manjula Pooja Shroff guarantees the 'hair removal with third eye' of Swami Nithyananda

AHMEDABAD: The video of an interaction to share experiences of followers of the controversial man of God Nithyananda with the managing director and executive director of Kalorex Group, went viral on social networks on Thursday. In the video, Shroff is seen praising Nithyananda and his awakening of the third eye. She narrates her experiences of two manifestations of power of '' which she practiced, one of which includes depilation in a jiffy, 'through Swamiji's eyes.'

The time when the video was filmed is unknown and TOI could not verify it independently. In the video, Shroff says: I practiced two manifestations of power tonight ... An exercise I did was hair removal ... We took a small patch ... I was able to reduce through Swamiji's third eye, almost 50% of hair density ... The hair went much faster.

Shroff has currently received provisional relief by the superior court of Gujarat until January 7, in a case related to the falsification of a certificate of no objection (NOC) to obtain CBSE membership for the Delhi Public School (DPS) East . The exhibition came immediately after a great controversy that broke out over the Nithyananda case. ashram inside the DPS (East) campus in Hirapur, Ahmedabad, from where two daughters of a Tamil Nadu-based man had allegedly gone 'missing'. Their father filed an FIR against the ashram leading to investigations which also brought the forgery to fore.

The video has caused her detractors suggest that Shroff had not just leased land to Nithyananda's ashram, but was also an ardent follower and advocate of his 'power manifestations'. Describing the other exercise, she said, I was given this picture. It was of a remote city called Buford. I was able to see the street and the distinctive feature was a sloping roof, a hut and it was a cold place - there was snow and a vast space. I had a real breakthrough in remote-sensing.

Shroff is also seen describing his practice sessions for such a manifestation of power. When I was practicing in all-night sessions, I tried to approach and see a bank of my partner. It is a remote bank in France and I could see it and describe it and then I asked for a confirmation. When my partner sent a picture of the bank and it was exactly as I described it. It was a fantastic experience. It gave me tremendous confidence. And no matter how much confidence we have, it is Swamiji working through us. more learning

In the video, Shroff is seen narrating his experiences of manifestation of power. Responding to a question about the repercussions such manifestations of power have for children around the world, he said: If children around the world had this kind of power, teachers would not have to torture them as much as we do (sic).