West Bengal: the winner of the Rs 1 lottery goes to the police for protection

KALNA (EAST BURDWAN): Indra Narayan Sen, seventy, is not accustomed to fame. But he has had much, more than he always wanted, since Sunday, thanks to a little attention from Lady Luck.

On Sunday, the septuagenarian won an Rs 1-crore. Three days later, he appeared at the Kalna police station, begging the officer in charge Rakesh Singh for security. He told the officer that he was afraid to leave home since he became a crorepati during the night.

Sen, a former operator of deep wells who retired almost a decade ago, lives in his house without obstacles in the village of Sahapara in Kalna, east of Burdwan, with a very modest pension of Rs 10,000. On Sunday, almost on a whim, he bought 10 daily state lottery tickets for 60 rupees. I went to the Guptipara market and bought those tickets as a late occurrence, he told TOI. I kept the folded tickets in my pockets and didn't even bother to check the results.

However, the owner of the Siddheswari Lottery Center, Mintu Biswas, who sold the tickets to Sen, was attentive to the results, declared around 8 p.m. He discovered that a ticket purchased at his store by Sen had reached the jackpot. Biswas began to decorate his little shop with flowers and offered sweets to passersby. Then he set out to locate Sen to inform him of his unexpected gain.

When the store owner came to my house to alert me, I didn't believe him, Sen said. “But, when he insisted, I accompanied him to his shop to verify the results (which Biswas had downloaded and printed from a local cyber café). I was convinced only then. But I didn't share this with anyone because I was anxious. I had never seen so much money. When I retired, I got around Rs 1 lakh. So I got scared.

But the word had already spread. Biswas told everyone that he had won the prize of an Rs crore, Sen said.

The winner will receive cash in 3 months.

Sen admits that the lottery has completely changed his life. “Everyone wants to congratulate me, even advise me what to do with the money. Some even want to shake hands. People I have never seen before come to my house to offer help, ”he says.

You have visited the local SBI branch to deposit the lottery ticket. The amount will be credited to my account within three months, he said. But I can't be at peace as long as I have this focus on me. That's why, he says, he went to the police. The officer in charge Singh has assured him all the help. “I even gave him my number and asked him to inform me about any problem he faced. We are watching the situation.

As for Sen, he has already decided what to do with the prize money. I want to donate a part to build a Durga temple in the place of my in-laws. I want to offer some money like dakshina and offer a bid. The rest, I will divide it between my three children and grandchildren. My pension is enough for my wife and I to spend the rest of our lives. I just want to secure the future of my children and grandchildren.