Maharashtra: 27 ministers face criminal cases, 41 worth 900 million rupees

The new Maharashtra council of ministers has 27 members with criminal cases against it, as found in the affidavits of the nomination of the survey. Of these, 18 face serious criminal cases.

The council is made up of 43 ministers, including Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray. Data on everyone, except the CM, is available in their affidavits. There is no such data on the CM since it has not yet challenged any election.

The analysis, carried out by the Democratic Reform Association (ADR) defense group, covers 42 ministers in the alliance government of the Shiv Sena-NCP Congress. Of these, 41 rupees are worth millions, with their self-declared assets on average valued at almost Rs 22 million. This is the first time an analysis of this type has been carried out in the council of state ministers.

The representation of women in the ministerial council remains low. It includes only three women, although one is more than in the previous government. In addition, 17 ministers, or 40% of the council, belong to the 25-50 age group, while 25 ministers, or 60%, are between 50 and 80 years old. Then, almost 52% of ministers have graduate degrees or higher.

Vishwajeet Kadam of Congress has declared the highest assets, with a value of Rs 217 million rupees, and also has the highest liabilities, with Rs 121 million rupees.