Protest against the atrocities of Pakistan, not CAA: PM to Congress

TUMAKURU: PM Narendra Modi on Thursday he attacked Congress and its allies for opposing the new citizenship law, saying they should explain why processions were taking place against Dalits and other religious minorities seeking refuge in India while they were silent in Pakistan, from where these refugees had fled to save themselves and save their daughters.

Addressing the students at Sri Siddaganga Mutt in Tumakuru, 70 km from Bangalore, Modi said: Those who have come to India are refugees from Pakistan since they were denied religious freedom there. Many Dalits and members of other minority communities have suffered constant attacks. While we try to grant them citizenship, Congress has launched protests (against the measure). ”

The prime minister, who is on a two-day visit to Karnataka, said that if Congress and its allies wanted to protest, their goal should have been Pakistan. Today, every Indian has a question: why (Congress and its allies) remain silent about Pakistan, which has committed atrocities against these people (refugees)?

Modi accused Congress of remaining silent for 70 years even when Pakistan exploited members of Dalit and other minority communities.

“What prevented the party from raising the problem internationally? If you (Congress) must raise slogans, highlight the way minorities are tortured in Pakistan. If you must organize a procession, then support the exploited Hindu minorities who have come to India from Pakistan, Modi said in defense of the Citizenship Law (Amendment).

We cannot leave the minorities of Pakistan to their fate. We have the responsibility to protect them. But Congress and its allies do not speak against Pakistan; instead, they organize demonstrations against refugees and Parliament, he added.

Congress immediately responded to Modi, saying that his anti-CAA agitation was against his divisive policies and not against Parliament.

“Modiji, this agitation is not against Parliament but against your divisive work. We will not let you break the country. With regard to Pakistan, India taught them a lesson in 1948, 1965, 1971 and in Kargil, and inflicted so many wounds that they could not deal with them. If you want to respond to Pakistan, stop playing Biryani and mangoes, ”said the party.

The former Karnataka CM criticized the prime minister for making a political speech in the presence of children on the sacred ground of the Siddaganga street dog, which he described as a secular and apolitical place.