Describing Faiz's poem as absurd and fun anti-Hindu: Javed Akhtar

NEW DELHI: Poet Javed Akhtar and the renowned Urdu theorist Gopichand Narang have questioned and opposed the view that a poem by the renowned urdu subcontinent poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz It is anti-Hindu in nature.

Narang said that Faiz used many metaphors in his poetry that should not be taken literally. “Faiz was a communist poet. He was a poet for peace, love, freedom and social justice. This poem was written against General Zia-ul-Haq, the administrator of martial law. There is nothing communal or anti-Hindu in it. The poem is metaphorical. But in the poem it means everything that has no life, said Narang, a receiver.

The Nazm lines, Hum Dekhenge, that have been under scrutiny are: “Jab arz-e-Khuda ke Ka'abe se, sab buut uthwaae jaayenge/Hum ahl-e-safa mardood-e-haram, masnad pe bithaaye jaayenge/Sab taaj uchhale jaayenge, sab takht giraaye jaayenge/Bas naam rahega Allah ka, hum dekhenge.

The translation published by says: When from the sacred square of the Kaaba/The idols of false gods will be uprooted/When we without roots and unwanted/Seats of power will be granted/All crowns will be thrown into the air/All the thrones become dust/Only the name of Allah will prevail/We'll see!

Describing Faiz's poem as anti-Hindu is absurd and fun. He was a leading star of the Progressive Writers movement in undivided India. He spent half of his years outside Pakistan because he was being labelled anti- Pakistan . He wrote this poem against the regressive, communal and fundamentalist Zia-ul-Haq government,” Akhtar told ANI.

In 1980s, a Zia-ul-Haq decree prohibited women from wearing saris. Pakistan ’s singer Iqbal Bano, clad in a black sari, protested against the decree singing this nazm of Faiz in front of a crowd 50,000 strong in a Lahore stadium, according to

Meanwhile, a PTI report says that IIT-Kanpur director Abhay Karandikar has criticized a section of the media for informing since Wednesday that the institute has established a committee to decide if Faiz's poem is anti - Behind you or not, saying that this is very misleading.

The reality is that the institute has received complaints from multiple sections of the community that during a protest march carried out by the students a certain poem was read and then certain publications were made on social networks, which were inflammatory, said Karandikar .

The institute also received complaints from other sectors of the community that during the protest march, a group attempted to block the march, which was incorrect. Therefore, the institute has established a committee to investigate all these complaints to see if they are genuine. And if they are genuine, what corrective measures should be taken, he added.

The students of IIT-Kanpur had sung the poem Faiz during a march on campus on December 17 in support of the students protesting against CAA.

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