New demands of Congress delay the distribution of portfolios in Maharashtra

MUMBAI: One day after the PCN leader and the deputy chief minister said the portfolios would be declared on Thursday, no portfolios were announced following the new demands raised by Congress.

A member of the NCP cabinet told TOI that Congress has asked for agriculture and industries or transportation. “Congress had previously claimed claims about urban development, agriculture and transportation. He has now abandoned his claim on urban development, but continues to insist on industries and transportation, he said.

The minister said the delay in the allocation of portfolios was a great shame for the prime minister. “It has negatively affected the credibility of the Maha Vikas Aghadi government. First there was a delay in swearing before the prime minister, then more delay in the expansion of the cabinet and now, nobody in the government knows when the portfolios will be declared, ”he said.

He said that initially, it was stated that the portfolios would be announced on the day of the cabinet expansion, but since that day, that is, on December 30, there has been complete uncertainty about the allocation of departments.

The PCN cabinet member said prima facie that it seems that Congress is responsible for the delay. “Our information is that initially, there was an internal dispute in Congress about the allocation of portfolios. Both of them Ashok Chavan and he had claimed the revenue department, while he had claimed the public works department. When Chavan discovered that he could not earn income, he had also asked for PWD, he said.

Both Thorat and Chavan did not respond to TOI's inquiries about the delay in portfolio allocation.