Political rank like Bengal, Maharashtra's cadres rejected

NEW DELHI: One day after the defense ministry rejected Bengal's proposal for the Republic Day parade, it further fueled a political dispute by rejecting Thursday's submissions.

Three opposition parties: NCP, Shiv Sena and Trinamool - have accused the Center of prejudice even when the defense ministry said in a statement that only a limited number of cadres can be shortlisted for the parade taking into account the total duration of the function.

Proposals from six states have been rejected for this year's parade. While four of them, Maharashtra, Bengal, Kerala and Delhi, are governed by opposition parties, BJP and its allies are leading the affairs in Bihar and. The proposal of the government of Delhi that shows the secular heritage of the city, which was presented by him, was one of the presentations of the painting that did not qualify for the parade.

Five rounds of meetings are held before the defense ministry makes the final list. Delhi government sources said their proposal was eliminated in the last round.

In describing the rejection of the proposals as a conspiracy, Sena deputy Sanjay Raut said: Maharashtra has received awards for his painting most of the time. What happened this time that Maharashtra and West Bengal were not included? Both states do not have BJP governments. Is this the reason?

NCP MP Delete Sule He said the Center was expected to represent all states in the Republic Day parade, as it is a national festival. The Center is behaving in a prejudiced manner and is giving the states governed by the opposition a maternal treatment, he said.

The Bengal minister, Tapas Roy, said the proposal, centered on the state government's Kanyashree project for student girls, was rejected because Trinamool has opposed laws against people, such as the Citizenship Law (Amendment). BJP has insulted the people of Bengal and will receive an adequate response in the future, he said.

Col Diptangshu Choudhury (retired), advisor to the prime minister of Bengal Mamata Banerjee He said: How can you reject the Kanyashree project, which had been awarded by the UN? The former minister of Bengal said: I think they suffer from psychosis out of fear. They can cancel the Bengal box in Delhi, but Bengal will cancel CAA and NRC.

By the way, for the first time, J&kwouldberepresentedintheparadeasaterritoryoftheunion.thethemeofthepainting,backtothevillage,representstheartsoftheregionsuchastheweavingofshawlsandpaintingsbybasohliwithimagesofkrishnaandradha.

maharashtrahadsentfourproposals:onthe175-yeartheatertripinthestate; 350th anniversary of the naval fleet created by the ruler Maratha Kanhoji Angre; The history of traditional Maharashtra clothing and the centennial year of Geet Ramayana.

Sources from the culture department, which sends the proposals, said this is not the first time their idea has been rejected. There were at least 10 times when the ideas were rejected, the first in 1972, an officer said, adding that the last time a proposal was rejected was in 2016.

The defense ministry said in a statement that out of a total of 56 proposals (of which 32 were from states and territories of the Union), only 22 were selected for this year's parade after a series of five meetings. Of these, 16 are from states and UT. The ministry said that Bengal's proposal was not carried forward for further consideration after the second meeting. It is pertinent to mention here that the Bengal government cadre was shortlisted to participate in the Republic Day Parade in 2019 as a result of the same process, the ministry added.

Bihar's proposal, where NDA parties are in power, was also rejected by the state government. Bihar's proposal focused on the Jal-Jivan-Hariyali Mission. The defense ministry said that according to the criteria established for the Republic Day parade, state governments cannot present their pictures on that issue, said a senior official of the Bihar Information Center.