Art and commerce students can obtain a bachelor's degree in nursing

MUMBAI: In a marriage of science and liberal arts, as well as accounting, the (INC), the general decision-making body for all nursing courses and registered nurses, plans to alter the entry rules for this professional program . It has a draft of rules that allows students of the arts and currents to enroll in the course. Expert suggestions on the draft have been invited.

The four-year course was open until now only for students who finished class XII with science. Then they had to pass a competitive access test. If the draft goes into effect, all Class XII passes with a score of at least 45% would be eligible to take the entrance exam to join the professional course at universities across India.

The draft amendment came after the decision was made to stop the GNM diploma course (general nursing and midwifery) from 2021. This program would admit students of all currents, and most graduates after Completing the three-year program would be largely placed in nursing homes.

“With the closing of the GNM course, the entire nursing profession would have closed for students of arts and commerce. Therefore, it seems that the council is now allowing these students to enter the BSc course, ”said a director of the nursing university. A board member, Dr. Ramling Mali He said, This is literally like killing the BSc program and updating the GNM program.

According to the draft, the new BSc nursing program will have an additional 60 hours of conference for arts and commerce graduates to match them with their counterparts who pursued science through Class XII. The Federation of Nurses of the Government of All India believes that this will not be enough. In a letter to the INC, he said that the relaxing entry rules would be met with strong resentment. “We were waiting for revolutionary steps from INC to improve our profession. But we have been informed that INC has prepared a draft to improve/improve the nursing profession (GNM courses updated to BSc nursing) in which the draft cites in its admission criteria that includes arts/commerce candidates who have approved 10 + 2 as eligible for the nursing degree. This is very impressive and an alarming sign in nursing and will degrade the profession, ”says the letter.

In addition, the duration of teaching and physiology has been reduced in the new draft curriculum. That also has not worked well with university directors, who said that these issues are essential for the nursing profession.