Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla is upset at the thought that Shehnaz Gill is being influenced

In the last episode of big boss 13, Vishal Aditya Singh and Shefali Bagga tries to create a crack between Shehnaz Gill & Sidharth Shukla .

They tell Shehnaz that Sidharth doesn’t pay her any attention but still she runs after him. They cite recent examples & tells Shehnaz that Sidharth never prioritize her. Shehnaz seems to agree & goes to talk to Sidharth Shukla .

Sidharth asks if they are trying to influence her. Shehnaz says that whatever they say is really right.

Sidharth then speaks to Arti Singh & expresses his frustration. He says that he is fed up seeing Shehnaz. He is worried as Shehnaz is getting influenced. He tells Arti that Shehnaz used to think straight but not people are easily manipulating her.

On the other hand, Shehnaz goes & speaks to Vishal Aditya Singh . Here she says that Sidharth is fed up with her antics & hence doesn’t want to speak to her.

Vishal tries to make Shehnaz understand that it’s been 3 months, & what else will Sidharth say.

Sidharth, once again shows his disinterest towards Shehnaz & tells her to stay away from him.