Kota child deaths: Sonia Gandhi takes stock while increasing pressure on the government of Ashok Gehlot

NEW DELHI: The death of more than 100 children in the Kota district of Rajasthan has caused strong reactions in various sectors, with Lok Sabha president Om Birla writing a letter to the state prime minister Ashok Gehlot expressing concern.

While the Union health ministry has decided to send a multi-disciplinary expert team for gap analysis and to assess the quick measures needed, state chief minister Ashok Gehlot claimed that the death toll was less compared to the previous years. The Rajasthan CM also said that his government is sensitive to the deaths of the infants.

The tragedy also sparked a political attack with UP Prime Minister Adityanath and BSP Supreme Mayawati questioning the silence of Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka over the deaths, while Ashok Gehlot claiming that the issue is being highlighted to divert the attention from the anti-CAA protests across the country.

Amid anger over the death of infants, Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday summoned party in-charge in the state Avinash Pande and also sought an explanation from chief minister Ashok Gehlot.

Pande met Sonia Gandhi and briefed her about the situation in Kota. Sonia ji wanted to know the reasons of the deaths. It is a very sad situation and the chief minister has been asked to act on the report. The BJP allegation is untrue as the inquiry is on and those responsible will be punished, Pande He said after the meeting.

Facing criticism from various sectors, Gehlot tweeted: I welcome the specialized delegation of the central government and the state is committed to making Rajasthan 'Nirogi'. The government is sensitive to the death of children and there should be no policy in it, and in Kota the mortality rate has dropped.

Lok Sabha President Om Birla said he had sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Rajasthan, urging him to strengthen medical facilities in the city.

In view of the increasing number of untimely deaths of infants at JK Lon Mother and Child Hospital in Kota, I have sent a reminder letter to Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, and urged him to strengthen medical facilities with awareness, Om Birla tweeted.

Meanwhile, the political opponents in UP, Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath and the supreme of BSP Mayawati, criticized the main leaders of Congress for the deaths and questioned their silence.

Yogi Adityanath attacked Sonia Gandhi and Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, saying it was extremely sad that despite being women both could not feel the pain of the mothers who lost their children at a hospital in Rajasthan's Kota.

In a series of tweets in Hindi, he said: The death of 100 innocent children is extremely sad and heartbreaking. The death of children is a stain in a civilized society, human values ​​and feelings.

In another tweet, he said it would have been better if Priyanka had met and comforted aggrieved mothers instead of engaging in politics in UP.

BSP president Mayawati also questioned the silence of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on the death of infants and said she should have met the women who had lost their children due to the laxity of the Ashok Gehlot government there.

In a series of tweets, the former Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh also criticized the death of babies.

The death of 100 children in Rajasthan's Kota district is very sad and painful. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and his government are still insensitive, disinterested and irresponsible, which is highly condemnable, she charged in a tweet.

But, what is sadder is the fact that the top management of Congress and especially its secretary general of the woman who is silent on this issue. It would have been better if, as he did in UP, he met the aggrieved mothers, who lost their children due to the laxity of the party government, he said.

Rajasthan health minister Raghu Sharma said in his defense that children taken to the hospital were in critical condition and, despite the efforts, could not be saved, while those who were less critical were saved.

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