Update from Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, January 2: Mishti is confused about Vishambhar's decision and his love

In the last episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Says Nishant Open has several reasons to get away from Mishti But there is no reason to be with her.

Kuhu is on call and she says just like orchids and roses Nishant and Mishti do not go well together and Mishti does not even love Nishant. Open hears this standing behind her.

Open packs bags. He He says Naana ji and Kunal They must go out at night.

Vishambhar He says Rajshri that Mishti’s decision is going to be the test of his upbringing. He adds if Mishti goes against him, he shall be very disappointed.

Naana ji He says Open to be brave. He says he must deal with the situation and not run away from it.

Open goes to Mishti ’s house and hears Rajshi telling Varsha that she feels bad for Mishti as she has to make a tough decision. Open wishes that Mishti chooses him.

Mishti reaches outside Open ’s house and give a letter to Jugnu. She asks him to give it to Open .

Meenakshi comes to Mishti ’s house with the letter she wrote for Open . Meenakshi is about to slap Mishti but she wakes up from her sleep, and realizes it was a dream.

Mishti says she has no time to think and asks Rajshri what she feels about Open .

Rajshri He says Mishti that she isn’t sure if she will still stay happy with Open after everything that has happened.

Mishti asks Rajshri what if he comes back in her life. Vishambhar says he will not come back.