Anti-CAA stir: Allahabad HC reserves police action order at AMU

ALLAHABAD: On Thursday he reserved an order against a PIL during a protest against the CAA on December 15.

The bank composed of the president of the court, Govind Mathur, and judge Vivek Varma, reserved the ruling and will pronounce it on January 7.

In the petition presented by Mohd Aman Khan of Allahabad, it was stated that the students protested peacefully against the legislation since December 13.

On December 15, the students met at the Maulana Azad Library and marched to the door of the university, where the police tried to provoke them, the petitioner said.

After a while, the police began firing tear gas shells at the students and were accused of cane, the petitioner alleged, adding that around 100 students were injured due to it.

The petitioner requested the formation of a panel by the court to investigate the police action.

He also requested the release of students detained by the police and compensation for those injured in the violence.

When appearing before the state government, additional attorney general Manish Goyal argued that the students had damaged the university door and that the police entered the campus at the request of the AMU administration to control students who incurred violence.

He said the police did not use excessive force.