NCW will approach the HRD ministry for the resignation of Allahabad VC, send investigation report to PMO

NEW DELHI: After the vice chancellor of the University of Allahabad, Dr. Rattan Lal Hangloo, resigns amid accusations of irregularities at the University, including inappropriate handling of allegations of sexual harassment, the head of the National Commission for the Woman said the Commission will continue its investigation into the matter and will also approach the Human Ministry of Resource Development. The HRD ministry must still make a decision about Hangloo's resignation.

The head of NCW will visit the University of Allahabad later this month to discuss allegations of sexual harassment against faculty members made by students and other concerns related to security issues in the shelter. The NCW sees the nature of the allegations as serious that require an investigation. The NCW also sent its report, to complaints based on the field visit of an investigation committee, to the Office of the Prime Minister. It has been learned from sources that some action in this regard is likely soon.

On Hangloo's resignation, the NCW chief said: The NCW report after an investigation was sent to the PMO and although the VC has resigned, it is not the end of the road. We will approach the HRD ministry in the matter and visit Allahabad University later this month to carry out our research. We will see what action is possible in such a situation. ”

TOI had informed on December 28 that the NCW was not satisfied with the presentations made by the VC before the National Commission for Women. The Commission Investigation Committee had submitted a report on complaints about irregularities and, based on the report, the CV was convened to the NCW headquarters in Delhi on December 27.

“The vice chancellor appeared before the Commission and faced the available evidence and the complaints made by the students. He denied those accusations and said he would also submit a written response, ”authorities said.

The NCW considered that the explanations given were not satisfactory and it was decided to proceed with the investigation. However, on December 31, reports arrived that Hangloo had submitted his resignation.

The NCW Investigation Committee noted in its report that a one-member investigation committee illegally dismissed complaints against the Vice Chancellor for allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace.

“According to what the students came forward to say that there were many professors at the university allegedly involved in acts of sexual harassment, but there was no investigation or action against them. Nor was there a complaint repair system for female students in the shelter, according to the investigation report.